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Drone Deer Recovery - Thermal Technology - Southern Wisconsin
Drone Deer Recovery - Thermal Technology - Southern Wisconsin

Recover your Deer with Eyes in the Sky

Our drone is equipped with high-tech thermal technology to locate deer by body heat. A zoom camera, illuminated by a spotlight, allows us to get an up-close look and confirm if it is the animal you shot and to determine its condition. 

Whitetail Deer Recovery - Drone - Southern Wisconsin


Fee: $350 (for up to 2 hours, or after searching area sufficiently and agreement to end the search)


$1/mile after 30 miles from home address

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to locate deer or pets in thick cover?

With the thermal technology equipped on our drone, we can pick up heat signature through the trees. We then just have to adjust the angle to get a better visual on the animal. 

What time of day does searching have to happen?

We can search day or night. However, it works best when there is more differential in temperature between the deer and its surroundings. Mornings and late evenings work great!

How do we know it's my deer?

Our drone is so sensitive it can sense an ear flicker. Once we locate an animal, we can zoom in and illuminate the animal to ensure it's the animal you're looking for. 

Does the drone disturb the deer?

Absolutely not. Unlike going in with dogs or humans, going in with a drone is non-invasive and we can cover extremely large areas compared to what we can cover on foot. 

What's the best way to contact for immediate deer recovery?

The best way to get ahold of us is via text or call. (608)728-0390

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